We offer bike rental for different kinds of bikes: road bikes, mountain bike electric bikes, gravel bikes and associated items. All our bikes are rented with a helmet and a pair of gloves for your security.

We can provide cycling routes ides and a smartphone holder to put on your bike if needed.

Before you leave, we will sign the renting contract together. We always ask for a deposit.

Where can I rent? We do not have a rental office, we deliver bike where you need it around Rodez. Delivery is free in the 10 km around Rodez. If you live further, the price will depend on the number of bikes and where you are, contact us for more detail.

Our bikes

Lapierre hardtail ebike for hire

Electric Mountain Bike

  • Lapierre brand
  • Yamaha PW-ST motor
  • Hardtail bike with 120 mm of clearance in front and 2.60 wide tires

An accessible and reassuring bike designed to take full advantage of your week-end trips!

1 day2 days3 days +
55€99€139€contact us

VTT enfant Haibike

Electric Mountain Bike for kids

  • 24 pouces
  • Haibike brand
  • Yamaha PW-ST motor

With this kid e-bike, your children with be able to go on the adventure trails with you!

1 day2 days3 days +
40€75€105€contact us

Lapierre city ebike for renting

City e-bike

  • Lapierre brand
  • Bosch Active Line motor
  • an easy and comfortable bike, a bike for everyone

You want to (re)discover how good it is to ride your bike around? This bike will be perfect for you!

1 day2 days3 days +
40€75€105€contact us

road bike for hire

Road bike

  • carbon fiber made
  • shimano 105
  • disk breaks
1 day2 days3 days +
40€75€105€contact us

Orbea Terra Gravel Bike available for hire

Gravel bike

  • carbon fiber made
  • shimano 105

The best bike for shredding the trails!

1 day2 days3 days +
45€80€115€contact us

You want to rent a bike? Contact us!

07 60 10 84 99



Soon, we will offer a series of related accessories to rent.

Any question?

I’m afraid!

When you rent a bike, I will provide you with all advices so you can use the bike, understand how the electric bike works, etc, so you feel more confident when you leave.

Electric bikes are not for me, I’m strong!

I suggest you come and try it! For sure you’ll change your mind!

How does an ebike work?

Une fois le moteur allumé, l’assistance va rendre le pédalage plus facile, jusqu’à 25 km/h. Au delà de cette limite, le moteur se coupe, vos jambes font tout le travail ! Il y a différents niveaux d’assistance, que vous allez varier selon le terrain, vos envies et ce qui reste de batterie.

Do I need to pedal?

For sure, YES! This is not a motorbike, it still is a bicycle 🙂

Do you have non-electric bikes?

Yes! Our road bikes have no motor.